Monday, July 21, 2008

Olympus C 770 UZ

When i bought this i never knew that it is going to last just one year. It looked as though the camera was designed to last just one year, as the problems crept one month after the warranty period. The two problems were:
  • I cannot switch off the camera!! It is always in playback mode on switching off. I need to take out the battery to prevent draining off
  • Zoom does not work. We hear the motor moving but no change in Zoom.
Then i went to Deen Dayal repair center in CMH road Double road junction in Indiranagar Bangalore. They are supposed to be the best camera repair center in Bangalore. After one month i got back the camera and they told me that the entire switch circuit had to be replaced. It costed me Rs 3100/- ($78).

So not even a "Made in Japan" tag and a reputed company like Olympus can maintain quality. So any dump camera would do.

Now i have another problem with this model the charger does not seem to work. I need to see where i can buy it in Bangalore. I saw the price of a new one at Rs12k+.

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Boris Gjenero said...

Today I experienced the same problem. I opened up my camera to find that the switch is cheap and bound to fail. I also found others posting about the same problem. I wrote about it in my blog tonight.